Marriage License Application


Please Note: A marriage licenses will only be issued to couples who are BOONE COUNTY residents and whose wedding date is PRIOR to June 15, 2020 at this point in time. Virtual marriage ceremonies are not allowed by law.  The couple, all witnesses and person performing ceremony must be physically present in the same place for the ceremony. per KRS 402.050, 402.220.


Applying for a marriage license during the Covid-19 pandemic.
During this unprecedented time we have made arrangements for Boone County residents to obtain their marriage license in a different manner than we normally do

To obtain a Marriage license:

  1. Click on link for Terms and Conditions print that form and sign it.  
  2. Then Download Marriage Application Document.  Fill out the application.
  3. Send the application, agreement document and a copy of your driver’s licenses to*Any email received regarding virtual weddings, weddings for couples that are not residents of Boone county, weddings after June 15, 2020 or weddings being performed outside of this state will be discarded. At this time our resources and abilities are limited by specific guidelines.
  4. Once all documentation is received a deputy will then type up your license and email a copy for you to proofread.  *You must review the license for typographical errors or omissions and notify us of any changes.Once you arrive we CANNOT make any changes, you will have to hire an attorney to prepare an affidavit to correct the license and pay any fee associated with that process.
  5. Once your application, ID and agreement are received and your license has been emailed for approval, a Deputy Clerk will contact you by phone using the phone number provided on your application. 
  6. Once you have proofread and agree that the license is free of errors, you will be assigned an appointment time to come to our office and sign the license.  *There will be no exceptions to appointment time you are assigned.  IF you cannot come at the time you are given we cannot issue a license.
  7. A deputy clerk will take your payment for the marriage license over the phone with a credit card.
  8. There will be no entry into our office.  When you arrive for your appointment you will park in the designated parking spot and call (859)334-3624 to notify us that you are in the parking lot. YOU MUST STAY IN YOUR VEHICLE UNTIL WE HAVE HUNG THE CLIPBOARDS OUTSIDE.  We will then hang your license outside our door on a clipboard for you to sign.  Once the employee is inside the building and the door is closed you may approach the door to sign your license.  A Deputy Clerk will remain at the door to assist with any questions, thru the door.
    Downloadable Marriage License Application Form

    Terms and Conditions agreement