Online Notary Commission


To complete the process during this unprecedented time, you must have access to email/internet and the ability to scan and attach documents to an email. 

Apply thru the Secretary of States office @ After your notary application has been processed by the Secretary of State you will receive a postcard telling you to contact our office. 

Once you have your postcard, email a copy of your Driver’s License, Insurance Bond and post card (if you still have it) to Include a good contact phone number so we may reach you once we receive your information.

A Deputy Clerk will then fill out your oath paperwork and email a copy to you to be signed.  You will need to sign it and email it back to us.  Once we receive your signed oath and complete our documentation a Deputy Clerk will contact you by phone to read you the oath and take your payment over the phone with a credit card.  After you are sworn in you will receive a copy of your notary certificate by email.  If you need or want the original certificate please let a deputy know so we can obtain your mailing address to send it to you.